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压缩机的发展历程Development of the mattress compressor


Development of the mattress compressor



In this world, every thing, every thing, and every life has a course of development. For example, the world’s first computer called ENIAC, weighing twenty-seven tons, covers an area of one hundred and fifty square meters, is bigger than a room; and now, a walking notebook everywhere; now our company many mattress compressor machine in the course of development of the.Mattress compression machinery using vacuum compression packing, electronic control system of professional, to ensure the rapid compression of different types without compromising mattress conditions, the thickness of the mattress, can greatly save transportation space, improve transport efficiency, so as to achieve to reduce the cost of transportation and storage of the deposit to.

第一代:NG-01M 半自动床垫压缩机

First generation: NG-01M Semi-automatic mattress compressor


As the name suggests, semi automation requires half of the machine while it needs a machine; this 01M needs artificial bags, gas, and seal. But there is also a great point: it is the price preference, which is very suitable for small start – up small factories.

改进后:NG-21M 床垫自动压缩机

After improvement: NG-21M Mattress automatic compressor


The integrated automatic mattress compressor is automatically completed by the conveyor belt from the inlet to the outlet, and has the functions of automatic vacuuming and automatic thermal sealing. It saves time and labor and reduces labor intensity. But it still needs an artificial mattress bag, so it has the following.

最新款:NG-61M 全自动压缩机

Latest: NG-61M full automatic compressor machine


The real meaning of automation, mattress compression from the entrance to the exit by the conveyor belt automatically, and with automatic vacuum, automatic hot air and other functions, the packing efficiency for 40-50 seconds / piece, short training cycle, easy production and personnel shift, and can be connected to a variety of packaging production lines, as manufacturers save labor cost, saving time and effort PLC, control system, can be translated into various languages and good after-sale service.

CHILI Mamufacture the cheapest film rolls

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CHILI Mamufacture the cheapest film rolls

The film rolls has high transparency and good tensile properties, which is suitable for packaging requirements of various productsfilm rolls

Films made ofpolyethylene and other resins are used for packaging and as film mulching. Plastic packaging and plastic packaging products market share was growing, especially the composite plastic packaging. The films has been widely used in food, medicine, chemical and other fields, especially in food packaging accounted for the largest proportion, such as beverage packaging, frozen food packaging, food packaging, food packaging, food cooking. These products have brought great convenience to people’s life.


Releated Products:

Hotel mattress packaging bags mattress vacuum compressed bags China NaiGu supply clear transparent PVC curtain sheet Large size printing pvc plastic film mattress packing film printed logo

NaiGu company attended the Guangzhou 39th CIFF during 3.28-3.31

NaiGu guangzhou 39th ciff

NaiGu attended the guangzhou 39th CIFF during 28-31 on March at the S13.1F21 booth.

The CIFF is the biggest and most famous furniture industrial exhibition in Asia.

We bring the NG22R and NG17R mattress packing machine to the booth.

The two machines including compressing,film three side sealing,folding,roll pakcing fuctions.

guangzhou 39th ciff guangzhou 39th ciff

NaiGu mattress machines attracted many visitors to see how the machine work and operate.

NaiGu mattress machines NaiGu mattress machines NaiGu mattress machines

Many mattress manufactures want to see the mattress package form and effects.

The result is everybody feel amazing and interested in the mattress packing machines.

Several mattress manufactures order the machine on the live booth.

naigu customers naigu customers naigu customers naigu customersNaiGu team

The Guangzhou 39th CIFF has finished yesterday.

OUR salemanagers team is a so nice and beautiful .

NaiGu team NaiGu team



Roll-packing mattress is a current packing form

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Our company colleagues saw the 2017 39th Guangzhou CIFF during 18-21 on this month.

The exhibition mainly attended companys are furniture manufactures and of cause  including many mattress manufactures.

Let’s see what we have photoed on the CIFF.


roll-packing mattress

Almost every mattress manufacture offer roll-packing mattress.

Yes,its a really current.

That packing way help the factory save lots of logistics and storage fee.

And its also help customer translate it easily.Both win.


NaiGu is the most famous mattress packing machine manufacture in China.

We have focusing on mattress packing machine and materials over 12 years.

roll-packing mattressmattress roll packagingmattress roll packagingmattress roll packing machinemattress roll packagingroll-packing mattress


Welcom to know more about us!

Please feel free to contact me

David  Phone/whatsapp 086 18829912266

Skype naigu.bingbing


A Unforgettable March —— Expand Training At The Nanhai Teens Military school

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 Expand Training

Military training —— build a wolf team


Funny games


Unity is strength.Chairman Mao said that.


naigu Expand Training

Military life

 Expand Training

The 39th China International Furniture Fair with CHILI Firm

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The 39th China International Furniture Fair with CHILI Firm

Dear Friends,
We (Naigu&CHLI) company sincerely invite you to visit —.2017.3.28-31 in Guangzhou Pazhou international furniture production equipment and raw materials exhibition, The booth No.: S13, 1F23
Am look forward to your visit;
WhatsApp 13928275577

mattress machines

NaiGu company have a new start of 2017

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All staffs came back to company after the 2017 spring festival.

On February 6th, NaiGu company have a celebration of openning at the new year.

naigu mattress machines naigu mattress machines naigu mattress machines naigu mattress machines

China NaiGu —— focusing on mattress machine and plastic materials since 2004

mattress compression machine

mattress roll packing machine

mattress packing machine

mattress tape edge machine

mattress border machine

mattress labeling machine


PE/PVC film on roll or sheet

PE bag / perforated produce bag

mattress packing film and bag


David Liu

Whatsapp 08618829912266

Skype naigu.bingbing


China NaiGu

November sales training time

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November sales training time

Sales department is training of product knowledge and sales skills training every Saturday in the Novemver.


Every training to make everyone can deepen the understanding of our own, and better service to our customers.


Training lecturer are our department managers, they put their own rich experience to share with you.





China NaiGu

NAIGU company bicycle friendship game

NAIGU company bicycle friendship game

The ministry of domestic trade and foreign trade held on bicycle PK game last Saturday, and everyone is every happy.


Team activities make everyone work together.Let’s take a look at the game











China NaiGu

The third quarter of 2016 commendation congress CHILI company

The third quarter of 2016 commendation congress NAIGU company


The third quarter of this year has passed,our company held a summary commendation congress on this week.

Honoring outstanding employees and good performance of employees.

Meeting details below:




The warm-up activity before assembly






 Morale display of all departments



The boss made a speech



 General manager made a speech









The above is all departments award for the best employees.



Next is the sales department’s performance standards.






Below is the sales department performance pledge conference.




Finally is celebrating the birthday for the longevity of this quarter, the company give each birthday girl prepared a birthday present and cake.




CHILI company,  a big warm family!