mattress compressor

Mattress vacuum compressed packing is used for mattress compressorm. Our mattress compressor is born for this. The professional eletronic control system can rapidly compressor mattress in different sizes and thickness under the condition of ensuring not damage the mattress, which can greatly save transport space and improve transport efficiency, thus achieve the purpose of reducing transportion and storage costs.

The advantage od secondary compressor machine lies in: after the secondary compression, it makes the mattress smaller volume in transport storage, and the shape-protective wooden frame can effectively prevent the air leakage of compression bag resulting in mattress rebound and product not able to be unloaded.


After the first compression of the mattress, the volume is reduced by about 80%, followed by a few after a compressed mattress for the second compression, finally the mattress can reduce the total volume of about 82% which can greatly save transportation costs. A large number of exports to foreign countries will be able to greatly increase the price competitiveness of mattresses and quickly occupted foreign markets.

Our company produces mattresses compressor and mattress secondary compressor has been for more than a decade.We have mature production technology which is much higher than the peer. The design of our compressed mechanical is reasonable which can protect the mattress from being destroyed. Our machinery are highly operational and safe when used, and workers only need to go through a simple study to get started. Our mechanical materials are used by the national certification of steel, mechanical steel thickness and durability are the industry leader.Our mattress compressors use Siemens electronic components, which can be well controlled and run very well. Each of our machines has a lot of emergency buttons, which can quickly stop the working machine.

Customers are given praise after used our mattress compression vacuum packing machine, because our machines not only to help them reduce the burden of freight, but also improve the appearance of mattress quality.

NG-11M Mattress compressor

NG-04P Mattress secondary compressor

NG-01M Semi-automatic mattress compressor