Our team

Group photos

Our team from scratch, from small to large, which experienced numerous hardships and pay, also experienced a lot of receipt and growth, regardless of the past, now and in the future, we have always firmly believe that, our team is the best we can to customers provide the best products and the best service, thank customers so over the years the trust and support, we will make persistent efforts, then climb the peak, providing better products and services, for customers to create more value and benefits!


Front desk

Our company’s front desk, two youth invincible beautiful downstage always enthusiastically welcome your visit and instruction, whether you are in the sunny afternoon or in the rainy morning, whether it is busy working day, or clean weekend, whether you are to order products or because of a problem with the product after-sales, they always use the most beautiful smile welcome you!


Periodical meeting

Today, plenary session once a week, every time the team early, monthly once a month are we enhance the cohesion and strengthen communication and solve the problem the best ways and means, and the formation mechanism of the meeting, we speak freely, Frank announced, seeking truth from facts, a spade a spade, on the wrong things, greatly promotes the coordination and communication of various departments, let our production in a timely manner, so that the quality of our products can be consistent from beginning to end, let our service to persevere!


Abundant life

Our company’s philosophy is to work hard, happy life, although we work very busy, but in our daily life is rich and colorful, we often organize various training activities, cultural activities, tourism activities, let the company is full of all kinds of talking and laughing, makes us employees of the company have more of a sense of belonging.