Polyethylene Plastic Film Packaging Applications

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Polyethylene Plastic Film Packaging Applications

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Polyethylene Plastic Film Packaging Applications


High Quality PE Plastic Film

High Quality PE Plastic Film

Polyethylene plastic film(PE film) is the most common plastic fim on the Earth.It can be wide used as for its physical properties.Polyethylene plastic film is normally used to package and store a lot of various of items.
Polyethylene plastic film cost low ,so the manufacturer prefer to use it for many other plastics.Our company specialize in polyethylene plastic film for many years and there are so many  plastic film in our company, such as PE film, PVC film,printing packing film,mattress packing filmand so on.Well,different plastic film has different applications in the packaging.

Polyethylene plastic film(PE film):

PVC Film Roll (5)

PE Film Roll (5)

PE film has various of advantages over other polymers.IT  has the advantages of low cost,easy processing and a good moisture barrier.Normally,polyethylene plastic film used to pack products prevent from moisture.When we go to super market,we can tear off polyethylene plastic film packaging to pack our things, such as fruit,vegetable or other items.Sometimes, it may be used as disposable gloves.The low cost of the polyethylene plastic film encourages its usage of packaging.It also can be used in  Hardware industry,the photovoltaic industry,the plastics industry,

Polyvinyl chloride film(PVC film):

PVC Film Roll (2)

PVC Film Roll (2)

PVC film is wide used in building industry as for its two important performance.One is PVC film’s unique properties,waterproof, fireproof, anti-static, easy molding. The other one is low coat with high yield.PVC film also can be made with colorful according to customer’s request.

Extruded Packaging Films – Most stretch film is made from either cast or blown extruded LLDPE. LLDPE offers the high stretch rate needed for stretch film. Many polyethylene bundling shrink films are made with Low-density polyethylene. The low-density polyethylene offers a low shrink temperature and excellent clarity. One of the most common uses for polyethylene bundling film is for wrapping water bottles and canned goods. The polyethylene bundling film is thicker and offers more strength than polyolefin or PVC shrink film.

Printing packing film:

about-us444All of our extruding, printing and converting is done on premises so we can assure that the film meets your packaging and branding needs. we can walk you through the design process to assure that your sheeting or tubing is the absolute best for your product.

Mattress packing film:

Among large and medium–size manufacturers, automated mattress and box–spring wrapping machines are a mainstay.



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Polyethylene has so many advantages and uses! I didn’t realize how versatile it is. A friend of mine works as a builder. I wonder how often he uses this type of film for his projects. I’ll have to ask. Is this the same stuff that some people put over their gardens to prevent weeds from growing?


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